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ANZBC is the only pan-Africa council of its type in New Zealand, and strives to be the foremost network for anyone with business aspirations in Africa, as well as a first point of contact for agencies and businesses in Africa seeking connections in New Zealand.


ANZBC's purpose is to:

(a) Promote, encourage and facilitate trade, services provision, investment, economic and societal interaction between New Zealand and countries on the African continent;

(b) Ensure that the plans, views and concerns of the business communities in New Zealand and the countries of Africa are clearly and constructively conveyed to the member countries.

(c) Promote sound trade policy and practices between New Zealand and the countries of Africa, in both a bilateral and multilateral context.

Membership is open to any individuals, SMEs or corporates wanting to boost their business opportunities in Africa, or with interests in growing social and cultural networks in those countries. Overseas entities are very welcome to join ANZBC.

ANZBC works closely with NZ Trade and Enterprise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, other business and trade development agencies as well as private enterprises to provide crucial linkages and information, seminars, introductions, as well as:

  • Helping negotiate the often complex business processes prevailing in Africa with information and guidance from NZ business already successfully doing business there.

  • Connecting with in-country business chambers and trade councils in key markets, paving the way for support for your business and others from NZ.

  • Introducing NZ business and industry sectors to trade delegations and diplomatic visits.

ANZBC is a registered not-for-profit organisation governed by an elected Board, and is funded from membership fees, grants and donations.


Karim Sabet


Africa: A Land of Opportunity Awaits!

The Africa New Zealand Business Chamber is your bridge to a thriving continent. We connect New Zealand businesses with the vast potential of Africa's 54 countries.

Africa is on the rise. Modernization is sweeping the continent, creating exciting opportunities for New Zealand exporters across all industries. As Africa invests in science, technology, and infrastructure, its own production capabilities are growing. This creates a two-way street: Africa seeks new export markets, while New Zealand offers high-quality goods and services.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Africa's population is booming, with a rapidly expanding consumer class.

  • GDPs across the continent are rising steadily.

  • Distribution networks are evolving at a rapid pace.


Experts predict that Africa will be a major global player within the next 30 years, rivaling China and surpassing India.


Don't be held back by outdated myths. Many African countries have simplified business regulations, making them familiar and accessible to New Zealand companies.

We work alongside key partners:

  • NZ Trade and Enterprise

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Leading industry organizations


Our growing network of diplomatic missions across Africa makes doing business there easier than ever.

Join us! Participate in our events and online forums to gain valuable insights and connect with other businesses.

Let's unlock the potential of Africa together!

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